In the years 2018-2019 we are expecting a real revolution at international and European level with the entry into force of ISO 45001: 2018 (issuing of the standard in March 2018) and document EA-3/13 M : 2016 (document issued by EA European Accreditation, June 2016, whose application will be mandatory in EA countries from 20/06/2019).

In Italy, it will not be in force anymore RT-12 Sincert document, which has characterized the rules for accreditation of Certification Bodies and those for Certified Companies for more than a decade.

The initial idea of EA was to use EA-3/13 M: 2016 (ISO / IEC 17021-1 for Certification of Workers’ Health and Safety Management Systems) together with ISO 45001, but the persistent delays in approving it will not allow this forecast.

Work on the approval of the new ISO 45001 continues and seems to have accelerated: in September 2017, is concluded in Malacca, ISO / PC meeting 283 to review comments on the second draft International Standard (DIS 2), received during the previous ballot of July 2017. The commission of ISO / PC Editorial Board 283 will prepare the new text (expected by December 2017) which will be sent to all standardization bodies, such as FDIS. Whereas all steps will continue as planned, the FDIS should be voted shortly to allow the final publication of the standard by March 2018.