POLICY OF THE ORGANIZATION: ICDQ SH.P.K., since its founding, has always had the aim to achieve the following objectives:
  • Protection of customer and farmers data, offering effective service that contributes to growth of organic production and food safety systems in Albania, Kosovo and other places that wanted to be certified by us.
  • Fairness.
  • Objectivity and transparency in the activities. To ensure this ICDQ, has a website where enables the participation of all parties significantly affected by inviting them in the participation in committees and publishing relevant information.
  • Independence from any type of entity that represents an unacceptable risk to the impartiality and independence of ICDQ. The policies and procedures of ICDQ give the possibility for any type of client, it doesn’t matter the size, being membership of a large group or depending from the numbers of the certification already issued.
  • Ensure the absence of any kind of constraint, both business and personal with the organizations that can represent an unacceptable risk to the impartiality and independence of ICDQ.
  • Regardless of the above, to effectively and efficiently manage any conflict of interest that may arise, ICDQ conduct an analysis of possible risks that may go contrary to its policy and keep it constantly updated.
  • ICDQ ensure sufficient financial and personnel resources to operate the certification system in a professional manner. The auditors are competent, qualified, for different types of management systems that certified. – ICDQ’s services are reliable, timely, accurate, and client friendly
  • ICDQ do not state or imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organization is used – ICDQ inspection and certification service meets the national requirements as well as the EU Regulation on Organic Agriculture and ISO/IEC 17065 and aims to meet additional standards or norms in the field of organic agriculture as requested by operators.

The effectiveness and efficiency of service provision is a constant share of the business throughout the organization.

As part of its policy, ICDQ establishes on annual basis, some concrete objectives of management that are collected and entered into by the Department in a separate document which is distributed to all those responsible in order to bring knowledge in a clear and understandable way for his subordinates. Each area manager is responsible for its enforcement and monitoring.
ICDQ in order to achieve the above objectives is committed to:

  • Begin a program of continuous improvement of its management system according to the possible non-compliance that may arise during the provision of certification services, which will analyze the causes and, depending on the outcome of the analysis, we will implement the corresponding corrective / preventive action.
  • Begin a program of internal training and / or external, in order to maintain and increase the competence of the ICDQ staff.
  • Conducting Internal Audits, where adherence to the documented policies and procedures is ascertained;
  • Ensuring that both the quality policy and the mechanisms put in place to fulfill the policy are understood by the personnel responsible for implementing them
  • By means of constant improvement and development of methods to measure this
  • Allocation of sufficient resources to achieve the quality objectives.

All details of the policies, procedures and practices are described in the documented procedures, work instructions and internal instructions in a simple and dynamic way.

Management approves all the internal documentation and notification to all staff on duty to comply with instructions that contain the aforementioned documentation management system in order to achieve a range of services appreciated by our customers.
Tirana, 25/02/2016